S.J. Flowe Grading Company, Inc.

Moving the Earth since 1986

About Us

S.J. Flowe Grading Company, Inc., is a mid-size earth-construction business that is known for its work quality and dependability.  The company is located in southern Cabarrus County close to all major transportation highways as well as the growing Metrolina areas.  The company has been in business since 1986 and was incorporated in 1991.


With more than fifty employees, S.J. Flowe Grading can bring expertise as well as work experience to the jobsite.  We offer grading capabilities from residential lots to half-million yard sites.  Our supervisors provide project communication and reliability for the customer.  We have over sixty pieces of equipment that include five dump trucks and two dump trailers.


We are flexible in our pricing methods.  We will price hourly, by cubic yards or by units to meet our customer needs.  We can also assist our customers with scheduling subcontractors, owners and inspectors if needed.


S.J. Flowe Grading Company, Inc., is committed to providing quality work in the earth-moving business.  We have a history of dependability as well as excellent customer relationships.  We believe in quality, dependability and operating in an ethical business manner.


Please call or E-mail us with any future project needs.

S.J. Flowe Grading Company, Inc.